Psychological Counseling / Coaching

There are situations in life where family and friends alone cannot help anymore. Many people, however, are reluctant to accept professional help.

There are successful methods that enable simple and beneficial solutions.

Possible advice topics include:

  • Life and mind crises,
  • Heartache,
  • Mourning,
  • Jealousy,
  • Anxiety,
  • Depression and burnout,
  • Conflict and bullying situations,
  • Work-life balance,
  • Disease and surgery,
  • Help with decisions,
  • Mourning

Coaching and advice – what does it bring?

Coaching is direct and sustainable. After just a few conversations, a lot will change for you:

You will:

  • Grasp the situation more clearly and see it from a different, and new perspective
  • Name and formulate new goals
  • Motivate yourself and tackle your problems directly
  • Trust your own skills and learn to use them
  • Handle time better
  • Develop strategies that you can apply immediately
  • Communicate and understand your fellow human beings better
  • (Re-) discover that life can bring joy
  • Experience your relationships with confidence and open-mindedness
  • Dream and dare to develop visions for your life
  • Feel more energetic

brokenheart program


Often we feel not „good enough“ . This is the feeling of shame. You can watch my video about shame here.

Your are suffering  a loss and  you have the feeling that your heart is broken? I have developed a heartbreak program.  I can help you wherever you are with a zoom session. The heartbreakprogram

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