My Lighthouse Project: Weight loss / Lose weight

Lose weight with hypnosis and coaching 

A lighthouse shines brightly, stands firm, and gives orientation. Lighthouses are safe and stable and survive storms and high waves, and you can rely on them. A lighthouse stands on a solid foundation and is beautiful in its way.

Hypnosis weight loss

Lose weight with the support of hypnosis

Losing excess weight starts with your conscious decision to want to lose weight. Professional hypnosis and coaching can help you put this decision into action.

Diets do not work. That is not a new insight for all those who have been struggling with their pounds for years. Either the notorious yo-yo effect occurs, or the diet is so exhausting that it is almost impossible to keep it up.

Our experience has shown that only psychological talks connected with hypnosis provide the optimal result in the long run.

Make it your project!

 Become like a lighthouse – safe and stable. With this, you will survive storms and high waves.

A lighthouse stands on a firm foundation and is beautiful in its way. Start strengthening your foundation today. You can change and become the person you want to be.

Because you only have one life, start your project today.

Do you feel like you’ve been on a thousand diets, and you’re always back to square one? Do you know this frustration and wonder why you regularly find yourself at this exact point again and again instead of being permanently slim? Do you feel like you are failing yourself? 

Then it is time for you to fundamentally deal with the deeper connections between inner conflicts, beliefs, habits, and weight.

I have many years of experience as a hypnotherapist and coach. Therefore, in this program, I will use the following methods:

  • Analytical or Regression Hypnosis,
  • Mindfulness,
  • work with the inner child and other parts of the self 
  • strategic coaching
  • Ego-state therapy
  • self-help exercises (EFT, breathing techniques, mindfulness techniques) 

When does this program fit you:

  • If you are not looking for a cheap, prepackaged program that does not address your concerns
  • When you want a program that adapts exclusively to your needs
  • When you want to be seen as an individual and not just as someone who is overweight or obese
  • If you do not want to fight against yourself but want to have a good relationship with yourself
  • If you do not want to count calories or points
  • If you do not want to live according to a rigid plan
  • If you are willing to invest time and effort in yourself
  • If you enjoy trying new things
  • If you want to change

When does this program NOT suit you:

  • If you like strict rules, plans, and prohibitions
  • If you believe that hypnosis is a magic cure and will solve your problems in a jiffy
  • If you enjoy counting points or calories
  • If you believe that shakes, protein drinks, and other “aids” are essential for sustainable weight loss
  • If you are not willing to try new things
  • Four questions form the foundation of the Lighthouse:
  • Why are you what you are?
  • Who are you? What masks are you wearing? Beliefs, emotions, your motivation is explored here.
  • What can and do you want to change? 
  • What are your values, goals and what attitude do you have towards yourself. How do you see yourself in a few weeks?

How will you change? 

Among other things, you will learn about and practice self-care and unconditional acceptance as prerequisites for change.

Who are you when you have changed, when you shine?

Become curious about what will happen when you change.

What these programs offer you:

  • Change of habits and attitudes
  • It is dissolving blockages that prevent you from losing weight, for example.
  • Restructuring of the subconscious mind with hypnosis
  • Learning self-help techniques (tapping, mindfulness techniques, etc.)
  • A personal development
  • A sustainable weight loss
  • A happier life
  • Personal attention and care because I care about your success!

What is included in these programs:

  • A minimum two-hour online session so we can get to know each other 
  • A weekly one-hour online session guarantees your success. You will need a cell phone, tablet, or computer with internet access and a camera for the latter
  • Audio hypnosis recordings that will provide you with targeted support
  • You will receive personalized homework for consolidation
  • Personal support, even during the week, will ensure that you stay on it.
  • You are not alone: you can become a Facebook group member, where only this program’s participants are. Here you can exchange ideas and learn from each other.
  • The PDF of my book on the subject

The summer will come. Start the summer feeling with less weight. My four-week coaching program will start in May 2021. 



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