Grief and loss are situations that every person experiences in their life. There is no one who will not experience a loss or go through grief and we cannot protect our children from it. Mourning belongs to every life sometimes.

Everybody mourns differently, but many people have a very hard time dealing with it. What used to be normal, namely dying in the family, is being marginalized today and transferred to other places. Many people have never even seen a dead person, let alone touched him/her. But what we do not touch also touches us hard and stays with us permanently.

After a death, the mourner should as soon as possible go back to “work”, “let go” and look forward. This may be comforting by others, but is not experienced by the person concerned, or, if so, then reached the price of unprocessed grief. However, this price can be very high.

 Grief takes time

Grief is an important part of the healing process after death. If the sufferers manage to admit these feelings and give the deceased a new place in their own lives, then the “normal” mourning process succeeds. If this is not achieved, there is a risk of unprocessed, complicated grief. The sadness becomes pathological.

Pathological grief

Pathological mourning is said to occur when, for more than twelve months, someone craves more than half the days for the deceased, cares intensively, is mentally arrested by the death of their loved one, or overly concerned with the circumstances of demise. Or when someone has difficulty in allowing beautiful memories in, feels numb or bitterly embittered.

Risks for diseases are increasing

Studies have shown that people with pathological grief symptoms are at an increased risk of dying earlier because of the risk of cardiovascular disease and mental illness, such as anxiety disorders or depression, is massively increasing.

Why is biodynamic hypnotherapy effective in pathological grief?

  • With the help of the biodynamic hypnosis, possible guilt feelings are worked on and conflicts are clarified
  • Hypnotic therapy causes a deep relaxation, thereby healing at the mental and physical level possible
  • Regression hypnosis can be used to contact the deceased.
  • Energy therapy solves blockages so that access to one’s own resources is possible.

Your treatment for grief
Treatment duration
• 1 to 3 sessions
• Session length: 2 or 3 hour

Our services
Biodynamic – hypnotic intensive sessions for social phobia. Those include:
o   Free telephone support
o   Minimum one hypnosis CD/Stick for relaxation
• Regression and analytic-conversational hypnosis,
• Hypnosis-coaching,
• Mindfulness,
• Work with part-personalities,
• Healing of the inner child,
• MEFT (Mindful Emotional Freedom Therapy),
• NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming),
• Energy therapy – are used depending on the problem.
o   Mindful self-hypnosis, which is a highly effective self-hypnosis technique for physical and mental self-influencing results.

Further information
You can find additional information regarding methods of biodynamic hypnosis HERE. Please also note the paragraph about contraindications. Any questions? Give us a call or arrange a ½ hour free appointment.

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