Psychosomatic disorders

What are Psychosomatic Disorders?

They include: Pain, Eating Disorder, Chronic Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Migraines, Tinnitus, Cancer, Grief, Conflicts

General overview:

Our body, soul, spirit, and mind are all part of one big unit that supports and strengthens one another. That also means that, when the soul suffers, so does the rest of our body. Mental problems are, therefore, often expressed in physical pain. The consequence: psychosomatic illnesses and complaints.

Body, mind, and soul are one unit. What we think about and how we feel affects our physical condition. And our physical health influences our soul and spirit. Therefore, our chain of thought affects our psyche and the cells and organs of our body.

Psychosomatic Disorders

Psychosomatic illnesses are physical illnesses and complaints caused by mental stress or factors.

When a person suffers from physical symptoms that medicine cannot explain, then we know they are suffering from psychosomatic complaints. It is then assumed as mentally caused by physical illnesses and complaints.

On the other hand, physical illnesses such as cancer or chronic diseases often lead to stress that negatively affects the soul. Here is the task of the accompanying biodynamic hypnotherapy to defuse the mental reaction, so that physical healing or stabilization becomes possible.

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