Learn Online or With Friends Conversational Hypnosis

Covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis refers to an attempt to talk to another person’s subconscious mind without being aware of it.

Since it often happens in the course of a seemingly normal conversation, this form is also called conversational hypnosis.

The goal is to unconsciously change the person’s feelings and behavior. When conversational hypnosis is successful, the person you are talking to is unaware that he has been hypnotized.

Learn conversational hypnosis


With these words and patterns, hypnosis looks like magic. And it feels like magic and it doesn’t look like hypnosis at all. Imagine how natural magic you will sound when you naturally use hypnotic language patterns in your conversation.

Discover the Top Magic Words for influencing. Have fun with the Top Language Patterns that work for any issue. 

You will experience these easy to learn language skills and much more.

A must for every hypnotist! Every mother, very good seller and everyone who like to persuade other people will love this training.

You can learn it individually or with your friends (max 12 persons).

Experience two days of fun and learning.

You can learn with your friends. It cost you not a € 1.000.000 it cost altogether just  € 1.995.-

or online!

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