Chronic diseases

These include asthma, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, and diabetes, among others.

In addition to financial and economic aspects, chronic diseases are always associated with a reduced quality of life, reduced life expectancy, and individual suffering.

Those affected, for example, have to expect to live for years with limitations, disabilities, and pain. They lose control over their lives, in phases or even at once, and therefore depend on the help of others.

Chronic diseases: a mental challenge

The diagnosis of a serious illness that is not curable is associated with mental stress for many people. Depending on the specific nature and course of the disease, the burden is various and requires a broad range of coping skills and techniques.

Most chronic sufferers are usually unprepared for such a disease; the psychic armament for coping with the disease is not sufficiently available.

How does biodynamic hypnotherapy help with chronic diseases?

The goal of biodynamic hypnosis is to promote inner strength, stability and provide a prudent approach to the disease, in which:

  • Deep relaxation during the hypnotic trance can effectively and naturally energize you, promoting mental and physical recovery
  • Conflict-resolving hypnotherapeutic interventions can release blockages and relieve the soul and body
  • Energy therapy can harmonize the flow of energy to activate self-healing powers
  • Hypnotherapy stimulates the immune system, autonomic functions, and metabolism

Your treatment for chronic diseases
Therapy duration
• 2 to 6 sessions
• Session length: 2 or 3 hours

Our services
Biodynamic – hypnotic intensive sessions for chronic diseases. Those include:
o   Free telephone support
o    Hypnosis CD/Stick for relaxation
• Regression and analytic-conversational hypnosis,
• Hypnosis-coaching,
• Mindfulness,
• Work with part-personalities,
• Healing of the inner child,
• MEFT (Mindful Emotional Freedom Therapy),
• NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming),
• Energy therapy – are used depending on the problem.
o   Mindful self-hypnosis, which is a highly effective self-hypnosis technique for physical and mental self-influencing results.

Further information
You can find additional information regarding methods of biodynamic hypnosis HERE. Please also note the paragraph about contraindications. Any questions? Give us a call or arrange a ½ hour free appointment.

§§§ We are not doctors, do not make any medical diagnoses, administer or prescribe any medications, and we do not give any promises of healing. Our work as a hypnotherapist (state-approved for psychotherapy/health insurance) cannot replace a visit to a doctor. The therapists can decide in individual cases whether to accept or reject a treatment.