Mindfulness and breathing exercises

Mindfulness, breathing the breath in Frankfurt

The simplest is sometimes the hardest. Rarely are we aware of our breath? Breathing is not difficult, so it is often neglected to breathe properly.

In everyday life, we are often exposed to stress, time pressure, performance pressure, or other emotional pressures. Unconsciously, our breath is then stopped, or we tend to breathe very flat or simply mistreat our breaths. This not only leads to less energy, in the long run, but it can also even lead to organ damage. The muscles, tissues and internal organs do not tolerate this in the long run.

Those who can control their breathing will also be able to determine how he/she feels, how much power she/he has, and are able to relax at any time.

We often associate breathing techniques with mindfulness exercises.

I use breathing and mindfulness exercises for almost all problems because with the breath our body and mind get energy. And we cannot have enough of all of that.

Practice this breathing meditation every day just for 5 minutes and after a while looking for the difference. You will feel it.


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