Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder

Trauma can occur from accidents, violent crimes, natural disasters, rape, but also from other externally classified harmless events. What all sufferers experience together are feelings of fear and vulnerability. In the process, those affected experience themselves as helpless and without any control.

In severe traumas, even brain structure changes. People who been severely mistreated in their childhood bear the traces of it forever and become more susceptible to stress and depression. These are wounds that should be discovered to heal.

Mental pain is in the mind and body

Healing and scarring are necessary for the wounds and psychological distress of the past to determine us further. In the limbic system – the emotional center of our brain – memories are stored, even if we are not necessarily aware of them. This unconscious material can determine our life by a repetition compulsion. People affected by this often find themselves in similar situations and usually also with similar partners.

Only when old wounds heal can new connections arise in our brains. The past then becomes part of our story, which does not influence decisions today.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) occurs as a delayed mental reaction to traumatic events.

Typical for PTSD is the so-called symptoms of reliving, which are imposed on those affected during the day in the form of memories of the trauma, in daydreams, or flashbacks and at night in nightmares.

Frequently a state of nervous over-excitement is added, which can settle in the form of sleep disturbances, irritability, difficulty concentrating, increased alertness, or marked dreadfulness.

How can biodynamic hypnotherapy help in the treatment of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders?

The goal of biodynamic hypnotherapy is the:

  • detection and healing of old wounds
  • the ending of the anxiety/panic cycle with it
  • a reassessment becomes possible, and those affected feel free, new experiences and merely happy

Your treatment for trauma
Treatment duration
• 2 to 6 sessions
• Session length: 2 or 3 hours

Our services
• Biodynamic – hypnotic intensive sessions for trauma. Those include:
o   Free telephone support
o   Minimum one hypnosis CD/Stick for relaxation
• Regression and analytic-conversational hypnosis,
• Hypnosis-coaching,
• Mindfulness,
• Work with part-personalities,
• Healing of the inner child,
• MEFT (Mindful Emotional Freedom Therapy),
• NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming),
• Energy therapy – are used depending on the problem.
o   Mindful self-hypnosis, which is a highly effective self-hypnosis technique for physical and mental self-influencing results.

Further information

You can find additional information regarding methods of biodynamic hypnosis HERE. Please also note the paragraph about contraindications. Any questions? Give us a call on 01774512080.

§§§ We are not doctors, do not make any medical diagnoses, administer or prescribe any medications, and we do not give any promises of healing. Our work as a hypnotherapist (state-approved for psychotherapy/health insurance) cannot replace a visit to a doctor. The therapists can decide in individual cases whether to accept or reject treatment.

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