Methods we apply

Here, you will get more information about hypnosis, misconceptions,  contraindications, and how our practice treats each condition differently.

We want to make it clear that in our practice, we do not just provide a specific tool for treatments but rather provide a full toolbox of different techniques and methods for treatment. Since each person is different, we align the use of our methods exclusively to the needs of our clients.

Hypnosis sees the whole person, not just the problem. You are much more than your thoughts and feelings, and this also is reflected in the course of treatment. Part of our holistic approach is the consideration of your body as the seat of all emotions. The treatment of emotions takes place on a physical and mental level.

Keep in mind that our way of treatment does not fit in with everyone, and not every person suits our procedure.

That is why we need to give you an insight into our work view.

We also want to highlight what aspects speak against a hypnosis treatment with us.

Energy Therapy

Spiritual hypnosis and past life regression 

Healing of the inner child

Online Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Online Coaching

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