We will discontinue the treatment if:

  1. You think that you have nothing to contribute to your change. We are not magicians. You are responsible for yourself.
  2. You suffer from psychotic delusions, and we do not have the consent of their psychiatrist or therapist for hypnosis treatment.
  3. You have an addictive disorder (excluding food, buying, and nicotine addiction).
  4. We see that there is no expressed wish for change.
  5. You have big, unadjusted heart and circulatory problems.

We assume that in case of physical discomfort and pain, you have consulted a doctor before seeking treatment with us.

You expect a promise of healing from us. Like all doctors and therapists, we promise no cure. But you can assume that we are doing our best and that biodynamic hypnosis has already helped thousands of people.

If in doubt, our therapists will help you decide how you fit into our program