Regression Hypnosis – Analytical Hypnosis

Hypnoanalysis is all about finding the emotional causes of a problem and then dissolving it. Every person has experienced both good and bad experiences, injuries, conflicts and mental pain in his/her life. Negative events and feelings – if unprocessed and unresolved – remain active in our subconscious and can have a negative impact on our current life.

In trance, you can find old blocks and patterns and then free yourself from them and their associated negative effects.

During analytic hypnosis, your subconscious communicates directly to us.

The goal of analytic hypnosis is:

  • To recognize the causal factors influencing the problem.
  • To heal the emotional wounds of the childhood.
  • To increase the quality of life, the creativity and the zest for life.

Analytical hypnosis can be used for very different topics. It is also very useful if you do not know exactly where the original problem is. Therefore, in this case, the method of choice is regression.


Regression is a review – during a hypnotic trance – from the present time of life back to early childhood.

Basic patterns adopted from this period – so-called imprints – can be uncovered and solved.

Emotions associated with a highly emotional situation such as grief, anger and childhood love are often repressed and continue to affect adulthood. These „old“ patterns and injuries can be recognized and resolved through regression.

In the hypnotic trance you will be able to speak and describe your impressions and feelings during a certain life event. Thus, it is possible to access knowledge that may not be available in the waking consciousness.

Regression is a self-determined process! You can interrupt this regression at any time or terminate it. With the help of regression, it is also possible to go back to earlier lives (past life regression).