Burnout syndrome

What is burnout syndrome?

There is no single definition for the burnout syndrome. It is mostly a condition of severe emotional and physical exhaustion caused by chronic overwork or persistent insults in the profession. Initially, members in the “helping professions,” such as doctors, nurses, rescue service personnel, teachers or social workers were among those affected, today almost all social groups are affected.

Lack of professional and personal recognition despite great sacrifice, permanent frustration, unreasonable expectations of one’s own performance, the failure to achieve a goal as well as temporal and physical overload characterize a typical life situation of burnout sufferers.

What are the signs of burnout?

The symptoms associated with a burn-out are usually individually different. The following symptoms are often experienced during burnout situations:

  • Ongoing fatigue and exhaustion: those affected feel they can no longer cope with their daily tasks, they feel overwhelmed and tired.
  • Declining performance: the work is no longer successful. It comes to concentration disorders and nervousness. Decisions are difficult. Mistakes happen.
  • Withdrawal: Many Burnout sufferers become more and more involved. They give up hobbies and neglect partners and friends.
  • Inner emptiness, loss of meaning: The joy of everyday life is increasingly lost. Nothing is fun anymore, everything is exhausting. Dissatisfaction and indifference are spreading.

Also, physical symptoms can occur for which the doctor finds no organic cause – so-called psychosomatic complaints. For example, sleep disorders, headaches, digestive problems or back pain.

How can biodynamic hypnotherapy help burnout clients?

No matter how strong your symptoms are, biodynamic hypnosis can help you relatively quickly and effectively. The aim is again for you to be able to enjoy life and work.

Modern relaxation techniques cause a lasting reduction in the level of anxiety and pose a balancing effect on the mind and body.

Also, those techniques stabilize the general feeling state, so that the general energy level is increased, and the depression can subside.

Various hypnotherapeutic interventions reduce the accumulated mental “legacy” and enable the dissolution of blockages.

Treatment requirement

You should be aware that, as with all mental and physical disorders, your active participation is not only desired but also explicitly required to achieve long-lasting and sustainable change.

Your treatment for burnout
Treatment duration
• 2 to 6 sessions
• Session length: 2 or 3 hours

Our services
• Biodynamic – hypnotic intensive sessions for burnout. Those include:
o   Free telephone support
o   Minimum one hypnosis CD/Stick for relaxation
• Regression and analytic-conversational hypnosis,
• Hypnosis-coaching,
• Mindfulness,
• Work with part-personalities,
• Healing of the inner child,
• MEFT (Mindful Emotional Freedom Therapy),
• NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming),
• Energy therapy – are used depending on the problem.
o   Mindful self-hypnosis, which is a highly effective self-hypnosis technique for physical and mental self-influencing results.

Further information

You can find additional information regarding methods of biodynamic hypnosis HERE. Please also note the paragraph about contraindications. Any questions? Give us a call or arrange a ½ hour free appointment.

§§§ We are not doctors, do not make any medical diagnoses, administer or prescribe any medications and we do not give any promises of healing. Our work as a hypnotherapist (state approved for psychotherapy/health insurance) cannot replace a visit to a doctor. The therapists can decide in individual cases whether to accept or reject treatment.