Weight loss

Behavioral patterns and beliefs that discourage you from achieving and maintaining your ideal weight can often easily changed with hypnosis!

The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak?

With the help of hypnosis, the subconscious is addressed directly and permanently switched to this new – figure-conscious and healthy – eating behavior.

Depending on your age and gender, several factors play a role in your weight gain.

Losing weight without starving?!

  • What is your ideal weight?
  • Can you imagine being thinner?
  • Can you imagine that you are fit, happy, and self-confident?

You have already tried multiple diet programs. You know what to do. This time, you want to be successful. Your weight loss should last. When you deal with your mind and your heart, it’s easy.

Unfavorable habits, thoughts, and feelings make you fat? It’s not just about what you eat, but why you eat.

Our goal is to show you that you can only eat when your body needs food, and when you are hungry.

The base of our weight reduction program is the assumption that you probably have a few kilos too much because you have unfavorable habits and beliefs. Perhaps you overeat because of your feelings.

When is weight loss with hypnosis the right strategy for you

Here are some examples:

  • If you are slightly overweight
  • If you are severely overweight – obese
  • If you feel overly eager to have sweets and greasy foods
  • When you feel like you can’t stop or that you never get enough
  • When emotions such as sadness, loneliness, anger, or anxiety increase your need to eat
  • When you “eat up” – even when you are full
  • If you find it hard to refuse food – even when you’re tired
  • If you eat quickly and under pressure.
  • If you feel that you can never reach the state of “being full.”
  • If you are prone to so-called “binge eating” (also binge eating)
  • If it is difficult for you to motivate yourself to exercise
  • If you have a feeling of being able to determine your eating habits in phases, then you will fall back into unhealthy and unsatisfactory behavioral patterns.
  • When the topic of “eating” determines your thoughts and feelings

What are the circumstances against hypnosis treatment?

  • You have a mental illness whose symptoms include eating disorders (for example, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, untreated traumas). In such cases, the primary disorder should first be treated before weight regulation can be successful.
  • In many cases, the treatment of these disorders can also be carried out in our institute with the help of hypnosis. If you are already undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment, you should not stop the initiated therapy.
  • If your overweight is the result of a physical illness, you have to treat that before.
  • Hypnosis is not a diet. We do not tell you food is terrible. That is why we build and trust on your active cooperation. If you are unwilling to be involved in the therapeutic process, this form of therapy should be discouraged.

Hypnosis therapy for weight loss includes one 3-hour session.

Please note that if you have an eating disorder, and emotional disturbances such as depression, that justify weight gain, those therapies should be completed first. Of course, we can help you with that. Contact us.

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis is not a new diet program! You will not starve.
By hypnosis, you will eat less and feel the desire to move more.
If you no longer have the pressure to “eat,” you’ll notice that your pounds are melting away by themselves. You will feel more energetic, fitter, and happier.

Our services for weight loss include:

  • One session of about 3 hours
  • A highly effective intensive session with  hypnosis
  • A free follow-up call
  • A copy of my book about emotional eating as PDF or expression.
  • Regression, analytic-conversation hypnosis, Hypno-coaching, mindfulness, work with part-personalities, healing of the inner child, MEFT, NLP, energy therapy – are used depending on the problem
  • Additional teaching on powerful self-help techniques (personally and via video)
  • Mindful self-hypnosis is a highly effective technique for physical and mental self-influencing.

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