Energy Therapy

“Energy therapy helps strengthen the immune system, treat pain, affect hormones, relieve stress and recharge our batteries.” Donna Eden

Energy is the living, vibrating source of our being.

It affects the energies of the body and mind, enabling it to function optimally and can be used both for diseases and health care.

Simple physical techniques allow the energies in the body to be relocated and rebalanced.

Energy therapy helps to

  • Reprogram deep-seated energy patterns in body and mind,
  • Release toxins from the tissue,
  • Strengthen the immune system,
  • Influence hormones
  • Treat pain or
  • Recharge the “batteries”.

A healthy energy field is the best way to stay healthy. Chakra clearing, stimulation of meridians and purifying the aura plays a major role here.

American pioneer and healer Donna Eden developed the energy therapy we practice and learned in our practice.

What is biodynamic hypnosis?

About Donna Eden

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