Working with Part Personalities

Parts work therapy, or Ego State therapy holds the thought that members of our family of origin are internalized as parts of our sense of self when we were children and remain within us as we grow older into becoming adults.

These parts can also represent younger versions of ourselves—this is sometimes referred to as your “inner child.” Unresolved traumatic events from childhood can remain held in a young part of yourself until you finally get an opportunity to attend to them.

We, humans, have many parts: we are the perfectionists, impellers, critics, nerds, daredevils, princesses, child, etc.

Parts work therapy or Ego State therapy

Our parts often control our ego, our self. Our personality consists of colorful and interchangeable parts. When we feel comfortable, these parts communicate without problems. But if a part suffers or feels it has come too short, it can release strong feelings. Thus, an emotional storm breaks out.

The aim of working with these parts is to discover them and satisfy their needs. No part in us wants to harm us. But there may be parts that overdo it with their care, the critic, for example.

The discovery of a partial personality loosens existing blockages and makes it freer. Therefore, your contact with your fellow human beings is improved.

There are also „demonic“ part personalities. It takes courage to make contact with this part personality, but it’s worth it: because we can only heal the feelings we experience.

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