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Do you want to experience changes?

Surely you will know from experience that profound changes need time. With the help of hypnosis, this change can be achieved with quite fast successes, but hypnosis nevertheless not a magic agent. Sustainable behavior changes require time and commitment. And we find it unrealistic to promise miracles.

We are interested in clients who want to change seriously and who also make this attitude visible. Because only under such conditions can things develop.

There are now many therapists and psychological counselors who use hypnosis to help and support people with change. In the following, we want to emphasize what we stand for and what promises we make.

There are numerous hypnosis techniques. Often, hypnotists only learn one technique and promise to be able to heal it all. We are always asked why we do not promise to cure fear in a session? Why do we not promise to achieve tremendous weight loss after one or two hypnosis sessions? Our Answer: Solutions for complex situations need time for changes to last. After all, your problems did not arise overnight.

No doctor makes a promise of healing – and we surely will not do it as well.

Some hypnotists use their learned methods like tools. For these, unfortunately, the adage applies “who knows only the hammer, for each problem is a nail.” From such hypnotists, you hear statements such as: “The cause of your problem can be found in childhood, and therefore we go back in time with the help of regression. Heal what went wrong then, and then your problem is solved”. Getting rid of depression or overweight in just one session sounds like a temptation and often leads people seeking help to spend a lot of money on it. However, we consider this unfair and unscientific.

Other hypnotists only read a script. Yes, you heard, right. They are led into a trance, and then a text is read. Sometimes this text is helpful. These are cases when the client is just lucky. However, this has nothing to do with ability, psychology, and professionalism.

What should you expect from us?

As you can see from our CV, we have extensive and varied training. Since no two clients are similar, we can fall back on a broad range of methods and choose precisely the approach that is appropriate to solve your problem. We always aim to deliver our best.

Usually, our clients come to us for 1 to 6 sessions. The first session takes 3 hours to get your first results quickly. After that, further sessions should take place in about a two weeks interval. It is also often recommended to secure success in a 6 to 8-week distance with Hypno-coaching and further expand.

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