Meetings by internet

The procedure of  internet Hypno-Coaching with Zoom

To meet by phone or internet for Hypno-coaching with  Zoom is very simple.

Usually, how I work is to coach either on a one to one basis or at a group scale. So it is natural that we are now able to offer one on one Hypno-coaching via Zoom. For me, coaching means supporting my clients into realizing their true potential and, therefore, the unique success that is their right.

counseling with zoom

During the first one hour phone or Internet (Zoom) conversation, we get to know each other, and you can estimate whether a common basis for cooperation is possible, and we move forward from there. I will clarify your expectations, wishes, and goals, and at the same time, I will analyze and clarify your need for advice, and which topics you require to support it.

If you want to use our telephone Hypno-Coaching or video meetings, please contact us. We will gladly make an appointment.

Eine Stunde Online Coaching/ Hypnose — One hour Online coaching/hypnosis


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