Mediation: Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps

Learn to meditate today. Meditation will only be a benefit if you do it. Thinking, speaking, or dreaming about it, doesn’t take you any further.

Just do it!

Learn to Meditate in Seven Steps

  1. Look for a quiet and comfortable place. Sit on a chair or a pillow. You should sit straight. Turn off your mobile phone or at least change it to silent mode, so you’re not interrupted. You can use the timer of your mobile phone to determine the period you will meditate today.
  2. Set the timer to 3 – 5 minutes. That is more than enough, for a start. Be sure your spine is straight. Your clothes are light. Nothing is uptight or tense. You can put your hands in your lap or on your legs.
  3. Close your eyes or focus them very „loosely“ at a specific spot.
  4. Breathe in your rhythm and be sure that your abdomen goes up and down with the breathing. You can also choose a different part of your body; to be sure it visually reflects your breathing.
  5. Then you will notice how thoughts and feelings arrive. That’s completely normal. Give a name to your feelings or thoughts. So, when a thought comes, you say to yourself: Thought thought… If a feeling arrives, try to name it: frustration, frustration…. or: sadness, sadness…, etc… or simply say to yourself: „Feeling, feeling…“. Please avoid judging it, as: „you stupid thought, disappear, I don’t like you, I can’t even stay away from thinking for 5 minutes.“ I repeat: it is normal that you start to think and feel!
  6. Direct your attention again to your breathing.
  7. Always return softly to your breathing, even if you get lost for a moment in your thoughts. You always return to your breathing. That’s all! Honestly, isn’t that easy? Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult. On the contrary, it’s easy. The challenge is to get started.

Try it for four weeks and observe your reaction and look for the difference!

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