Getting Slim With the “As If” Strategy

I like to discuss the “as if” strategy to get slim and healthy with you.

The “as if” strategy causes you to behave as if certain beliefs are true: you act as if nobody could ever love you, as if you are ugly, as if you are fat, as if everyone is better than you or as if you were a thin person.

Pretend, for just two or three minutes, that you are fat and ugly. Believe it for three minutes. After these three minutes look at yourself: where are your shoulders, do you have straight posture? And how do you feel with these thoughts of ugliness? Do you want to be like this? No, of course not.

Everything you believe has the tendency to become true.

Put your head up, stand straight with a little smile, and pretend to become a bit more attractive each day, because you are lovable and deserve the best from the world.

the as if strategy of Ellen Langer

It’s all about what you believe

In 1979, Harvard Professor Ellen Langer sent a group of 80year-old men on a journey back in time.
Everything was set up to mimic 20 years earlier – the men, for example, were not allowed to discuss events in their lives that had transpired more recently than 20 years ago.
The result? The previously needy men were able to cope better with life on their own. Their hearing and memory improved, and their blood pressure dropped. Thus, thinking and acting as if they were 20 years younger proved to be a true fountain of youth.

Other researchers have confirmed the effectiveness of the “as if” strategy. When you behave as if you are a specific person, you become that person!

Behave as if you are a good-looking person.
Eat as if you are a thin person.
Think as if you are a person with high self-esteem and you will become that person.

It’s as simple as that. So do it!

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