The Hunger Scale – Eat when you are hungry!

How do you know if you are starving? Make yourself a hunger scale: 1 being “totally hungry” and ten being “totally satisfied.”

You should eat when your hunger is between 3 and four on this scale and stop eating when your hunger is between 7 and 8. If you stop eating between 7 and 8, you will feel pleasantly full, but not bloated or stuffed like you would if you stopped at 10.

How long do you think you can live without food? You can live for approximately six weeks without anything to eat. How long do you think you can live without drinking? You can live for about three days without anything to drink. How long do you think you can live without air? You can live for about 1 to 4 minutes without oxygen. We have a powerful urge to satisfy immediate hunger.

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Think of the people in the Stone Age.

They were secure only as a group, best inside their cave. Nature made the strong hunger urge into a survival mechanism: the feeling of hunger was so strong that Stone Age people would immediately go outside their cave. They didn’t have supermarkets open all day long.

They would sometimes have to hunt for weeks to find and bring home food. And the saber-toothed tiger was always waiting for them. So, if you are a little bit hungry, then think about this: you will not starve if you do not eat at once. Drink a lot – plain water is best – and give your body a lot of oxygen; as often as possible, by breathing deeply into your belly.

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