Who Most Likely Walk into a Sociopath’s Trap?

Are you a victim of a sociopath or narcissist? There is a widespread rumor on the internet that a sociopath and narcissist can attract anyone. In my opinion, this is not true.


According to my research and experience, victims of a sociopath or a narcissist most likely have the following personality traits:

  • They are often very sensitive and empathic people.
  • They are almost always very clever and educated people, often highly qualified professionals.
  • They feel a deep yearning for something that is missing in their lives.
  • They are emotional – only emotional people can be manipulated.
  • They believe that if you try hard enough, you end up feeling well – a happy ending.
  • Oftentimes they did not get the encouragement and self-affirmation they needed in their childhood.
  • They have a bad relationship with themselves, believe that they are often not good enough and suffer from shame.
  • They have a strong sense of fairness. They can say that they are right, but they always have partial responsibility for themselves.
  • They are under the constant pressure of relationship breakup and loss of love, increasingly assuming full blame and responsibility for everything.
  • They feel obliged and able to carry the burden of others.
  • They are sometimes infinitely creative and, therefore, often find inexhaustible ways to make an impossible relationship possible. They always come up with something new when it comes to pushing their limits further.
  • They are flexible and ready to adapt to any kind of situations.
  • They cannot distinguish between flexibility that allows them to fit into many life situations and a pathological compromise in which they lose themselves.
  • They often need encouragement and reassurance in their personal affairs and look for it in people they do not get support from.
  • They often feel responsible for the well-being of others. They quickly feel bad when someone around them has a bad mood or “something’s off” and thinks that it could be up to them. They feel the need to cheer up, encourage and restore others.

The Relationship to Yourself and Others

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